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Welcome to LoTheMaR Opals

Greetings and welcome to LoThEMaR Opals. We create a wide variety of handmade gemstone jewelry in Sterling Silver and Gold. Our specialty is cutting and polishing Australian Opals.

Just a heads up to all our customers - our old email will no longer be active as of March 1, 2017. Please use our Gmail address to reach out for info or custom orders.

Moving forward, please feel free to place orders on our Etsy page. The Etsy website has a shopping cart so that purchases can be made and also the option for special requests. This site will mostly remain as an archive, and we will update the show listings. In addition, we also have a Facebook page, here. Those two sites will be our most updated locations. As always, if anyone needs anything special, please feel free to contact us.

As a new development, we are currently working on a new venture, a joint party with Meditative Journeys, LLC. If you would like to schedule a party, please visit here. You can fill out the form and we will work on scheduling an event with you. If you would like to schedule a private showing with LoThEMaR Opals, we have a similar request form here.

For the last few years, as many people know, we have been donating the proceeds from sales of our heart necklaces to the American Cancer Society, through the Relay for Life at Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School. Whether or not either Tim or Brian participates in the walk, we are still willing to make a donation on behalf of anyone who is interested in purchasing a heart necklace. If you have any questions or are looking for a heart for a type of Cancer not on the chart, please email your request for necklaces: here.

We are very thankful for all the support we received in the last few years of our fundraising efforts and hope that we are able to continue to gather people and funds to help rid our lives of Cancer. Last year, after not being sure if he could even make it, Tim actually walked 30 miles at the Relay for Life. It is a cause that hits too close to home for most of us.
Below, we have a list of the available stones we have in our heart necklaces. We are currently working on a few other designs, including some simple beaded ribbon pendants, which will be gemstone beads strung on silver wire with some separating silver beads and they will go for between $15 - $18 depending on the stones, and $10 of that amount will be donated to the ACS. As we did last year, the heart necklaces will be $10/each with $5.00 of that going to ACS.
For any other questions or for custom orders, please feel free to Contact us .

Thanks as always for your support!

Cancer TypeRibbon ColorGemstone HeartCross Size Available
BladderYellowCitrineNot Available
BreastPinkRose QuartzSmall
CervicalTeal & WhiteAmazonite & HowliteNot Available
ChildhoodGoldTiger's EyeNot Available
ColonDark BlueLapis LazuliNot Available
EsophagealPeriwinkleBlue AgateBlue Quartz Large
General AwarenessLavenderLepidolite or AmethystNot Available
Head & NeckBurgundy & WhiteHowlite & GarnetNot Available
KidneyKelly GreenAventurineLarge
LeiomyosarcomaPurpleLepidolite or AmethystNot Available
LeukemiaOrangeRed AventurineSmall & Large
LiverEmerald GreenMalachite or African JadeMoss Agate
LungClearRainbow Moonstone or Clear QuartzClear Quartz Large
LymphomaLime GreenSerpentineLarge
MelanomaBlackBlack OnyxSmall
MouthPeriwinkleBlue AgateBlue Quartz Large
Multiple MelanomaBurgundyRubyliteRhodonite Large
Ovarian CancerTealAmazoniteNot Available
PancreaticPurpleLepidolite or AmethystNot Available
ProstateBlueSodaliteNot Available
RectalDark BlueLapis LazuliNot Available
Sarcoma/Bone CancerYellowCitrineNot Available
StomachPeriwinkleBlue AgateBlue Quartz Large
TesticularVioletLepidolite or AmethystNot Available
ThyroidPurpleLepidolite or AmethystNot Available
UterinePeachSunstoneNot Available