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LoTheMaR Opals

Opals by far are the pride and joy of LoTheMaR, hence there being our namesake. We are proud to hand cut and polish our own opals. They are among the most regal and fascinating of all the gemstones. Unfortunately, due to their marketing in the USA, few people ever really get to experience the beauty of this stone. We are devoted to bringing our customers opals unlike those found in chain jewelry stores.
We currently have opals from many different Australian Mines. Among them: 17 Mile, Andamooka, Coober Pedy, Lambina, Lightning Ridge, Mintubi, Queensland, and Yowah. Each mine has its own distinct character - Lightning Ridge for example is known for the best BLACK OPAL. Lambina is famous for its CRYSTAL OPAL. Queensland and Yowah are the sources for the most exciting and beautiful SURFACE BOULDER and BOULDER MATRIX OPAL.
In addition to Australian material, we also stock opals from other countries, such as Mexican fire opal and Honduran matrix opal.
Please keep in mind, that our inventory changes on a regular basis, and we try to update as often as possible. This section shows our current inventory of set and unset pieces. Due to the variety of opal types, we have formed a list by base for easier navigation.

White       Milky white base color typically with multicolor pinfire. Most common type and common jewely store opal.
Crystal     Semi-translucent to clear crystal with multicolor fire in multiple patterns.
Black       Greyish crystal (semi-black) down to black crystal base with multicolor fire in multiple patterns. Most rare base type.
Boulder    Opal still attached or within the matrix rock in which it forms, typically ironstone. Great for rings due to increase in hardness.
Other       Opals from countries other than Australia, such as Mexican fire opal.