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A guide to stones, to help you understand where they are from and what people have seen them do or claim they do.

Traditional Birthstones
January: Garnet                July: Ruby
  February: Amethyst                August: Peridot
          March: Aquamarine                September: Sapphire
       April: Diamond                October: Opal
              May: Emerald                November: Topaz
                                           June: Pearl                December: Turquoise/Blue Zircon

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Agate � Chalcedony Quartz. Agate occurs in many forms, typically as a banded stone in many colors from all over the planet Due to its blend and banding patterns, Agate is said to help bind the energies of the wearer to provide strength and protection. It can also help stamina and endurance.

Alexandrite � Color-Changing Chrysoberyl. Birthstone of June. A precious gemstone, commonly known to show a color change ranging from an almost ruby/garnet color, all the way to a deep greenish blue. Named for Tsar Alexander II, and first found in Russia, most of the better Russian material is now mined. Some other deposits were found recently in Brazil, Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka, but these typically are not of the same quality and color change of the Russian material. Said to help with raising self esteem.

Amazonite � A bluish green stone, with white streaking throughout. Primarily found in Russia and Brazil. Amazonite is said to help with calcium metabolism, helping those with need of stronger bones. A general good luck and stamina enhancing stone.

Amber � Fossilized Tree Sap. Amber occurs as fossilized tree sap from pine trees. Amber can range in age from about 40 � 100+ million yrs old. Color of Amber ranges from a yellow, common to most jewelry seen in the USA, to a milky white and even green and red. Sometimes, insects are trapped inside the Amber and make it more unusual and valuable. Amber is said to be a drop of the sun, and according to legend is a good stone for healing of the body, helping eliminate toxins, and aid with energy. Amber is also a stone of good luck, long life, and general good health, being a fossil.

Amethyst - Purple Quartz. Birthstone of February. Amethyst is a very mystical stone used for many purposes throughout history. Amethyst is said to help the intellect, help one in breaking addictions, and enhance the dreams of the person who wears it. It can also have a calming effect. As a result of the addiction breaking aid, it has been adopted as the Official Gemstone of Alcoholics Anonymous. Amethyst comes from Brazil and from Africa, and the color ranges from a pale to a deep royal purple. Amethyst also is said to help in psychic awareness, providing the wearer with clearer psychic visions.

Ametrine � Purple Quartz/Yellow Quartz. Ametrine is a unique natural twin. It is a natural occurrence of Citrine (Yellow Quartz) and Amethyst (Purple Quartz) in the same gemstone. As a result of its natural combination of the two stones, Ametrine provides the properties of both � calming from the Amethyst and the aid in ridding the body of impurities from the Citrine. Often, Ametrine is seen as a faceted stone, and is a very unique blend colorwise. Due to the combination of the color the stone is also said to bring the wearer into a unique state of balance with the emotional and the physical.

Apache Tear � Translucent Brown Obsidian. This form of volcanic glass from New Mexico, is a stone of protection. It is said to prevent the drain of energy from others, and provide good luck and security.

Aquamarine � A translucent blue-green beryl. The name of the stone comes from the Latin "auqua" � water, and "mare" � sea, translated as "sea water". It is the traditional birthstone of March, and can be very valuable, as a truly transparent stone. Among other properties, it is said to protect the wearer when on or near water, and help married couples work through differences, and also a soothing influence.

Aventurine � Green Quartz. Aventurine is a common translucent green form of quartz, said to help in strengthening eyesight, and also helping in bringing good luck in games of chance. A favorite stone of lottery players, and also said to attract money and success. Also good for general good luck.

Azurite � A blue stone, almost navy blue in color. Azurite is a blue copper mineral, often found in the same stone as its copper cousin Malachite. The blue of the Azurite with the deep green of the Malachite creates wild patterns resembling satellite photos of earth with rivers and land. It is said to increase psychic powers, and provide a general calming and healing effect. Also can be good in aiding detoxifying the body and de-stressing.

Black Onyx � A form of Chalcedony, bringing protection from negative energies, and draining by others. Also brings protection at night.

Bloodstone � Green Jasper with Iron Oxide spots (red dots). Deeply spiritual stone, said to contain the drops of the blood of Christ from the Crucifixion. Good stone for protection from injury and disease, helps with the circulation and purification of the blood. Helps the heart and high blood pressure and also is said to help prevent headaches.

Blue Lace Agate � A natural blue banded agate with light airy bands resembling lace patterns. It helps bring higher states of consciousness, helpful in meditation. Balances the psychic centers, and helps with depression, stubbornness, and despair. A generally good balancing and calming stone.

Blue Quartz � Light Blue colored quartz crystals, which bring a healing calming energy to the user or wearer.

Blue Topaz � Transparent blue, due to being irradiated. A common stone used as a birthstone for December, it is not a natural stone. Natural Topaz of itself is usually a yellow-amber to even a deep near red color. The blue variety is a calming stone, said to help protect the wearer when on or near water, and helps one sleep and protects from enfy and disease.

Blue Wild-Horse Jasper � A royal blue colored jasper with gold and brown markings present throughout the stone. Said to help relieve fear and insecurity, and provide general healing and calming energy.

Botswana Agate � A variety of Agate from Botswana in Africa, it is a very beautiful form of banded agate. It has the same general properties as agate, and is often prized for its beauty among those who collect the stone. Said to provide protection, strength, stamina and endurance.

Calcite � Mineral calcite is a stone that is said to help in concentration and intellectual ability. Helps with inner sight and memory. Also said to help in digestive function and balance calcium levels.

Carnelian Agate � A reddish-orange form of Agate. Due to its color, it is said to help bring strength and stamina, and courage. Helps with self-confidence and self-expression. An alternate birthstone for July, it is also a good stone for those born under Virgo.

Charoite � A purple marble like textured stone, primarily found in Siberia, in Russia. This stone is very good for helping increase analytical skills. It also aids in grounding as well as allows you to remember dreams more vividly.

Chrysocholla � A blue-green stone almost appearing to be an agate, it helps bring peace and harmony to the mind and the heart.

Citrine � Yellow Quartz. Provides stability and energy, balances emotions and is helpful in eliminating toxins from the body. Often used as a birthstone for November as an alternate to natural Golden Topaz.

Coral � A natural gemstone found from sea creatures, it comes in many colors � red, pink, black, orange, and white among them. Coming from the sea, it protects the wearer when on or near water. Balances hormones and also protects one from the "evil eye" and nightmares. Helps relieve fear and depression.

Dalmation Jasper � Black and white jasper, resembling the patterns on a dalmation dog.

Emerald � Green Beryl. Commonly considered the birthstone of May, Emerald is a stone that is considered one of the top 4 Precious Gemstones � among the others: Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire. Said to help the eyesight and memory, providing aid to the immune system and energy levels.

Fluorite � Calcium Fluoride. This stone, typically seen in either green, purple, yellow, or clear, often banded is helpful to students as it is said to aid in concentration. Also a good stone for those seeking balance.

Garnet � Iron Aluminum Silicate. Traditional birthstone of January, it is said to bring energy and passion to the wearer. Also a good stone for health of the blood and circulatory systems, and said to enhance passion.

Goldstone � Volcanic Glass with Copper flecks suspended in it. A general good luck stone, it is also said to help those with arthritis.

Hematite � Iron Oxide. Usually from Alaska, Hematite is a powerful stone. Said to ward off the evil eye, because it looks like a mirror, it protects the wearer from accidents, negativity, and "the evil eye". Also said to help those with arthritis and joint problems.

Herkimer Diamond � A rare form of naturally double terminated quartz, found in Herkimer, New York. This stone is a wonderful meditative tool, cleansing the soul and the inner being to move on to another level of awareness.

Howlite � A soft white stone, often with black streaks through it. This stone is said to protect the wearer, and bring them good health and help relieve headaches. Also said to aid in bone healing and calcium absorption.

Iolite � Magnesium Aluminum Silicate. It is usually a pale almost sapphire color, but has a twinge of purple somewhat like Amethyst. A stone often called "water sapphire", it is said to help open the psychic centers to help with the "third eye". Good stone for intellect enhancement.

Iron Pyrite � Fool�s Gold. Mistaken for the precious metal gold, this form of iron often fooled the miners in the gold rush days into thinking they had struck it rich. The stone is said to bring good luck and money.

Jade(Nephrite) � Calcium Magnesium Iron Silicate. A green stone, it is said to bring luck, balance, and grounding. It is also a good healing stone. Can help in drawing from old wisdom.

Labradorite/Spectralite � Sodium Calcium Aluminum Silicate. Usually a greyish brown stone, with banding and color flashes. The color in Labradorite is usually a blue or blue-green color, and spectralite tends to have a more varied flash of color, with yellow, green, blue and even orange. Helps illuminate the dark areas of the mind and the soul. Also an aid in enhancing the dream state.

Lapis Lazuli � Sodium Calcium Aluminum Silicate. Lapis is a blue stone with gold flecks of pyrite included in it. Deep blue Lapis comes from Afghanistan, and is highly valued as a spiritual stone. Said to represent the Virgin Mary in Catholic legends. Brings balance to the wearer, and also to help bring a better spiritual awareness.

Leopardskin Jasper � A form of Jasper that is spotted, resembling those of the animal it�s named for. It is a good grounding stone, and helps balance the body�s energy.

Lepidolite � Alkaline Fluorosilicate of Lithium, Aluminum, and Potassium. A lavender stone with small tourmaline crystals. Helps with the dream state, making dreams more productive. A general calming stone, helping the body relax and ease emotional stress.

Malachite � Copper Carbonate. Malachite is a copper mineral, green in color, with bands of color flowing through the stone. Increases fertility and helps with the blood and tissue regeneration. Can also provide grouding and general good health. Said to also attract money and business success. Sometimes forms in areas with Azurite creating Azurite-Malachite, which looks like little globes because of the green patches running through the Azurite.

Moonstone � Potassium Aluminum Silicate. This stone comes in white, pink, and gray, usually with a bluish "moon" that shimmers across the surface of the stone as it is moved. A stone that is said to aid mothers through childbirth, and aid in visualization of the past and the future. A good balancing stone.

Moss Agate � Silicon Dioxide with inclusions of Manganese. This translucent stone has green Manganese fibers that grow inside it, creating patterns that look like moss or leaves or even tree branches. A stone said to bring success, wealth and healing. Also a good stone for connecting to nature during meditation. Strong healing stone, helping the body eliminate toxins.

Mother-of-Pearl � Calcium Cobalt, shell stone from the sea. It is usually a brown color when natural, though it can be beige or white when dyed/bleached. It is a good calming and healing stone. Protection from negativity and when on or near water. Aids asthma and allergies.

Obsidian � Natural Black Volcanic glass. Forming from silica and oxygen in the aftermath of volcanic explosion, this black stone brings protection at night. It is also said to help ground a person.

Onyx � Often found in Black, white, and various other colors. Brings protection from negative energies, and draining by others. It is also found in blue, and gray. The latter two being calming stones, in addition to the protective qualities. Black onyx also brings protection at night.

Opal � Silicon Dioxide and Water. Opal is found in colors that span the entire visible spectrum, and that is just the base color. The main types are black, boulder, crystal, matrix, and white opal. These are the base colors/forms, but there are others that are a mix of the two. Over the years, opal has been revered and respected as far back as the Egyptians who believed that the cause of the many colors in the stone that flash like fire, was actually a spirit in the stone. Considered the most powerful and magical of all the gemstones, due to having the colors of all the others in it. Very good luck, brings power, success, and energy as well as psychic awareness and better astral projection. Contrary to popular belief, it�s NOT bad luck to wear opal if it�s not your Birthstone (October). That was the result of a misconception from a book by an author of the late 19th century, Sir Walter Scott.

Pearl � Oyster spit � caused by an oyster accumulating layers of calcium over a natural "core" that is actually a pebble or some other debris lodged in the oyster. Said to bring wealth and long life, as well as good health. Also good for protection on or near water, and in attracting love and protection at night.

Peridot � Magnesium Iron Silicate. This is the traditional apple green birthstone of August. Oftentimes though, Leo�s do not like this stone and tend toward the more firey red, orange and yellow stones. Peridot is said to help inner and outer vision, strengthen the body and provide harmony with nature.

Petrified Wood � Fossilized trees. Due to its fossilized state, this stone is said to bring good health, long life, and good luck. Protection for travel over land and from drowning.

Picasso Stone � A form of Marble, (calcium carbonate), that gets its name from the unusual patterns that form in the stone. A good grounding stone, and a very unusual conversation piece.

Picture Jasper � Silicon Dioxide. The name comes from the patterns that form in the stone, in varying colors, making the stone look like a photograph or painting of a landscape of the desert. A good stone for connecting one to the energy of earth, and for absorbing bad energy.

Quartz � (Clear) Silicon Dioxide. An energy stone, the clear quartz is often used in quartz watch movements, because the crystals themselves vibrate at a natural rate, and help keep accurate time. Some people can actually feel the vibrations from a quartz crystal by holding it in their less used hand and clasping their fingers around the crystal. Quartz is said to bring good luck, energy, and to double the power of any other stones it is worn with.

Red Jasper � A deep brick red form of Silicon Dioxide. Red jasper is said to help love and passion develop and allow the wearer to work around heavy negativity. It can also reduce fear and insecurity, and is said to be good for the circulatory system.

Rhodochrosite � Magnesium Cobalt, forming a variety of crystalline structures. Typically found in red or pink, its name means "red stone". It is an excellent aid in balancing as well as stimulating passion and friendship.

Rhodonite � Magnesium Silicate, a stone with both pink and grey in it, helps calm and reduce confusion and doubt. Boost self esteem and self confidence. Also restores physical energy and helps enhance love and passion.

Rose Quartz � Silicon Dioxide � in Pink. Rose Quartz is also known as pink quartz due to its pinkish rose color. It is a stone said to attract love and friendship, and also helps those who wear it to both give love to others and be able to receive love themselves. It is said to have a healing effect on the heart from both physical and emotional standpoints, aiding in the circulatory system�s function. Also it is said that Rose Quartz can foster strength in existing relationships.

Ruby � Red Aluminum Oxide. Ruby is traditionally the birthstone of July. Ruby is a good stone for enhancing love and passion. It is also good for the circulatory system and for general good health and energy.

Rutilated Quartz � Silicon Dioxide permeated with Rutile crystals. This stone is said to have very powerful healing ability, providing strength, detoxification, tissue regeneration, and even helping the immune system. It can also provide balance and lead the wearer in a positive direction.

Sapphire � Blue Aluminum Oxide. Sapphire is traditionally the birthstone of September, and is said to allow the sub-conscious mind to expand psychic power. It is also said to promote fidelity and protect love from harm from outside influences. A general good health stone, it is also helpful for relief from mental and nervous disorders.

Shark�s Teeth Fossils � These fossilized teeth, range in age from 7 � 20 million years old. They come from all over the world, but primarily from Florida, the Carolina�s, California, Russia and Morocco. Wearing shark�s teeth, according to an ancient Hawaiian legend, will bring the wearer protection on or near water, good luck, long life and good health.

Smoky Quartz � Brownish Translucent Silicon Dioxide. A grounding and energy stone � it is brown quartz. Helpful in realization of dreams and in increasing fertility and decreasing depression.

Snowflake Obsidian � Volcanic Glass with spherulites of Cristobalite. This black stone has gray "snowflakes" in it formed from exploding pot ash when the stone forms from lava. According to a Native American Legend, it is said to provide Unhexing abilities, removing curses and hexes from the wearer. It is also helpful in dealing with heavy negativity.

Sodalite � Sodium aluminum cloric silicate. A blue stone with white or black marble like lines in it, Sodalite is said to heal stress, and anxiety, as well as nervousness and fear. Helpful as a calming stone, it is a sleep aid and also good for easing guilt.

Sugilite � A deep purple stone, sometimes with either black or brown inclusions. This stone from South Africa is a good balancing stone, as well as one that is said to help in meditation and psychic awareness.

Sunstone � A form of Feldspar, crystallizing in odd conglomerations and crystals. Goethite or Hematite inclusions add a little "spark" to this stone, which has a body color that varies from gray to green and then on through some earthy tones to orange, pink and eventually red. It is an aid in stress relief and can help increase energy and confidence.

Tiger�s Eye � Silicon Dioxide with hematite and crocidolite. This stone is most commonly found in a golden brown color, and sometimes in blue(Hawk's Eye) and red. Ancient Romans carved the stone and wore it into battle for strength and protection and courage. It is also said to bring energy and good health.

Tourmaline � General Ring Silicate, which forms in long crystals, sometimes spears or needles, sometimes tubelike structures. In its various colors and color combinations, this stone can inspire confidence, and provide balance and understanding. Often seen as a combo of green and pink in the same crystal known as watermelon tourmaline.

Tourmilated Quartz � Silicon Dioxide with Black Tourmaline Crystals. A good balancing stone, this clear quartz with black inclusions also is said to help with astral projection.

Tree Agate � Similar to Moss Agate, though this is not translucent, but usually a white base stone, with the green moss like inclusions. It is another grounding stone connecting the wearer with nature.

Turquoise � Blue-Green Copper Aluminum Silicate. Native peoples all over the world revere this stone as a protector and a healer. They also believe it brings longevity and good luck. The stone is often used in Native American jewelry in conjunction with other stones to protect the wearer from danger. Overall a very spiritual stone.

Unakite � Quartz, epidote, feldspar. Combination of green epidote and pink feldspar, this stone is said to help create a more earthy love, and is a good stone for those looking for love after recently losing one. A generally good healing stone for relaxing the muscles and the body.

Zoisite � Calcium Aluminum Silicate, which often acts as a host for ruby crystals. It helps to convert negative energy to positive and when naturally combined with ruby crystals, is an incredible meditative aid, allowing the user to reach much higher levels of understanding of the world around them.